Delta Touch Faucet

Bush Kitchens offers a variety of faucets available for your kitchen and bath including
the One Touch Kitchen Faucet by Delta. This faucet acts as a standard faucet
and a touch faucet. You can turn the faucet on and off using the handle or by
directly touching the faucet. When your hands are too messy to operate a
standard faucet, just use your elbow or wrist to start and stop the water on
the Delta Faucet. The Delta Touch is great for baking and preparing food, kids,
and everyday messes. Delta also makes this faucet available for the bathroom. Bush
Kitchens currently has the One Touch Kitchen Faucet on a working display in our
showroom. Stop by George J. Bush Kitchen Center to experience the Delta Touch


1279 W 4th Ave Derry PA 156277

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