Custom Kitchen Services

Geo. J Bush Kitchen Center Inc. offers full services that include custom designs, new construction, installations, custom cabinetry and specialty finishes. Every aspect of your project, big or small, will receive our personalized attention. We use our own custom techniques to provide you with exceptional customer service and a distinctive kitchen.

At Geo. J Bush Kitchen Center Inc. we also have our own line of Bush Cabinetry that is custom fitted to enhance your home.

We can customize your cabinets from start to finish – our own cabinetry craftsmen can design and create a product from fabrication to assembly to installation, form-fitting to your kitchen or bathroom without the limitations of prefabricated stock cabinetry choices. We are proud to design and create a unique piece of woodwork that is functional and attractive for any room. Having custom woodwork done by Geo. J Bush Kitchen Center Inc.means you have a distinguished piece of luxury that is unlike any other.

Bush Cabinetry is manufactured and hand-crafted at our own on-site woodshop with a wide variety of wood species, stain, paint and glaze combinations. Our ability to create your vision is limitless.

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1279 W 4th Ave Derry PA 156277

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