Lighting your Kitchen

Kitchen lighting is an important element of your kitchen design, so it’s important not to overlook the impact of the kitchen lights. Interior lighting is can give form and texture to a room, light up a corner, accent a favorite piece of art, or create the atmosphere you’re aiming for in your kitchen design plans.

There are three types of lighting appropriate for kitchens are ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.  Task lighting is appropriate for situations in the kitchen where the lighting must be concentrated, for work activities. These lighting fixtures usually fit well under kitchen cabinets or as pendant lighting. Ambient lighting should be used for overall illumination in the kitchen. Incandescent lights are usually the most popular choice  for this type of light, and not just in kitchens. Accent lighting is a decorative element that can highlight focal points within the kitchen, usually with track lighting or hanging fixtures. No matter what the concept, a mix of all three of these lighting types should be used in an ideal kitchen. Pendant lighting is especially popular in today’s kitchens and is a beautiful, versatile option for a lighting, brighter kitchen.

Good light helps make any kitchen comfortable, and good light is achieved through mixed all three types of appropriate kitchen lighting. Natural light is important to consider as well, but think about the places that it will not often reach. Also take into consideration what time of day you will be doing most of your work in the kitchen.


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